It’s a new year! Is it a new you?

Hi! I am Vanessa Dunbar and I am tired! The holiday’s took a lot out of me. As I’m sure it did the same for you…maybe. Not trying to assume. But come on! It’s the holidays; whether you shopped or cooked or cleaned or all, it takes a lot. Although I am tired, I did promise some colleagues I’ll give blogging a go. Something about “I give good advice” so here I am. I am a wife of twenty-seven years. I am a mother of two beautiful children; not so much kids anymore, but my babies nonetheless. And to be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to have this blog be about until I looked in the mirror. 

I realized women don’t get much credit. We’re wives. We’re mothers. We’re business women – whether we own the company or not. We’re friends. We’re sisters. We’re uniquely us! And that’s beautiful. The thing is, we don’t give ourselves enough credit and it becomes a disservice to ourselves. How do we give our all if we aren’t aware of our own dopeness! I think that’s the word my daughter used one day (insert pondering face). Anyway, I decided this year was going to be different. And trust me, this isn’t a new year’s resolution. I suck at those! (It’s typically the kids’ fault.) 

But I want to speak to women and remind them of their power and offer my advice that you are not obligated to take. So catch me here next Sunday to chat about how Mothers Keep It Sexy Too – in our own way! 

P.S. Subscribe to stay abreast on when I release another blog. Honestly, I feel like this journey is going to be dope!

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