Know Yourself from Within

Hi again! I’m still working on my signature salutation. Should I say, “ Vanessa Dunbar speaking”… or writing? Too much thinking. I’m up at 3 am preparing a presentation for the new year at work. I think my anniversary for Troxel Industries is coming up soon. I lost count. And sometimes we do as we deal with children who wants to walk into your house at all hours of the night (Valerie!). So as I am preparing a presentation, I am also preparing my mind to not kill her. However, you’re probably reading this at 6:20 pm CST (I always have to add that) and I’m probably calmed down by now. 

Anyway, how have y’all been? Is 2021 somewhat treating you kindly? I know this is only the second week but a lot can happen in a day yet alone a week. So let me know how this year is starting off. Write back. I am truly interested. I decided to create a freedom board this year. It’s totally different than a vision board because it focuses on you as a person (internally) so that you can be the whole healthy woman to achieve the external (which is what we put on the vision boards). I think as women we tend to focus heavily on the outer – bills, keeping the family together, work, etc., etc. and we forget to manage what’s happening on the inside. We neglect our emotions despite the typical outlandish idea that women are emotional. Most of the times we as women explode or implode until we explode because we neglect our emotions. And our emotions are indicators. So if we constantly ignore them we fail ourselves and we aren’t much help to the people who need us. 

I encourage you, even if you don’t make a Freedom Board, to check in with yourself often. Put aside your roles (mother, wife, profession) and take care of yourself. Do an internal check. We like to think that a new year brings about a new us and that’s not the case. Just as time doesn’t heal all a new year doesn’t change you. You have to put in the work. And if you aren’t aware of what’s hurting you, what’s broken, what you like, and what you dislike then you can’t be the woman you desire. 

These are just my thoughts! It took my mind off of Valerie slamming my door early in the morning. She doesn’t even know how to sneak. But let me get back to this presentation. Until next week, ciao! Maybe I’ll say ciao.

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