Let’s Go for a talk ladies!

Hey ladies, it’s your sister, friend, and favorite wife. You know I started thinking it’s about time we talk. It’s been a while. But, I am here, alive and ready to have a little chit-chat with you about life over here with the Dunbars. Better yet, my life in general. Anybody else going crazy about these gas prices, the dollar store going up in prices, and post-pandemic stipulations for travel?

I know I have. Every time I think about getting in my car I consider how many miles my feet can go. I’m just saying getting used to a little walking might not be a bad idea. I recently saw a tic-tok that sent a tickle to my belly. You’ve got to see this!

Anyhow I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated you about what’s been going on. The last time we talked about the presentation I was working on and couldn’t get out of my mind. Troxel Industries have been good to me, I’ll say. I have this one co-worker who’s been coming in every day complaining about the dollar store prices. I remember asking her what the big deal was. The dollar store always added a little change. But y’all she was right, these prices have gone up. So, we’ve been chatting about that at work. Just some getting through the day conversations I guess.

I’ve been thinking about throwing a little party at the Dunbar residence. You know. Because these travel requirements are necessary but so much of a hassle. Planning to get a little beach action and bae watching in with Mr. Dunbar. Valerie’s been telling me about how to set things up online for our travel. How have you all been navigating these new travel requirements or stipulations?

Ok yeah and, How have these issues been affecting your work, family, and social life?

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