Spice It Up A Little

Hey Yall, It’s me (Vanessa) just in case you’re new here to my blog. I’m Vanessa Dunbar married to my fine husband Nathan Dunbar. We have two beautiful and pain in the behind children Nathaniel and Valerie. They are my pride and joy, truly. They are working towards some great goals and I’m more than proud. There’s a little introduction to all my new readers. So glad you are here. I’m an employee at Troxel Industries and I love what I do, my co-workers long ago begged me to start a blog. They said I was telling good stories in the office. Truth be told I was just keeping up with the conversation sometimes, I think.

Well, anyhow let’s get into my topic for today. SPICING IT UP. This blog piece is for my wives, engaged and soon-to-be down-the-aisle women. You know moms can keep it sexy too. I was thinking about ways to spice things up with Nathan the other day because y’all my man walked in after a long day of work and still looked fine. Whew, I couldn’t help but add that in there. So, I said to myself “Now, Vanessa your man has had a long day, it’s time to spice things up”. So maybe you’re a wife and you have the kids, house responsibilities, and work obligations like me and it’s always felt like the reason you can’t get to what you really want to do. I get it. So here are a few things I found that help to spice things up a little by tweaking the house schedule ever so slightly of course. Because I know you mommys love to keep a schedule.

These things I’ve found on the internet, or by creatively thinking about what Nathan likes to do for fun. Now, I’m not going to tell you how to “wooo” your man, cause honey, that bed is undefiled! Okay! But, I’m just sharing a few spicy exercises for pure intimacy and romanticism for you love birds.

  1. Write him some love letters around the house
  2. Plan a random weekend getaway
  3. Schedule Couple Massages
  4. Re-read your wedding vows in a new way to him
  5. Get him a few gifts

Girl, writing those letters spice things all the way up for us. Honey, I was shocked because we started some movie romantic kind of love honey. I’m telling you if you add these things to the list of things for y’all to do, it’s gonna spice things all the way up. I’m still open to more because we’ve been having so much fun. So, what ideas do you all have in mind for spicing things up? Let’s talk!

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