Mothers Keep It Sexy Too.

Hi, I am Vanessa Dunbar. I am a devoted wife and mother. After long deliberation, I have decided to write a blog. My coworkers at Troxel Industries have been encouraging me to start this lifestyle blog for years and I just never thought it was for me. But it’s a new year with new goals. Somewhere in the midst of my crazy outbursts, I will definitely share some tips and revelations on a lot along the way. If you’re courageous then I invite you to join this journey with me. 

(Check out the blogs below every Sunday.)

Spice It Up A Little

Hey Yall, It’s me (Vanessa) just in case you’re new here to my blog. I’m Vanessa Dunbar married to my fine husband Nathan Dunbar. We have two beautiful and pain in the behind children Nathaniel and Valerie. They are my pride and joy, truly. They are working towards some great goals and I’m more than…


Hey ladies, it’s your sister, friend, and favorite wife. You know I started thinking it’s about time we talk. It’s been a while. But, I am here, alive and ready to have a little chit-chat with you about life over here with the Dunbars. Better yet, my life in general. Anybody else going crazy about…

Know Yourself from Within

Hi again! I’m still working on my signature salutation. Should I say, “ Vanessa Dunbar speaking”… or writing? Too much thinking. I’m up at 3 am preparing a presentation for the new year at work. I think my anniversary for Troxel Industries is coming up soon. I lost count. And sometimes we do as we…

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